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Brand : Dell
Model : Unity 380H
Capacity : 6 x 12TB SAS 10K
Warranty : 3Yr

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Buy Dell EMC Unity 380H Hybrid Storage Online

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Serverbazar sells the Dell EMC Unity 380H Hybrid Storage under its Dell EMC brand. It is a capacity exhibit intended for big business conditions that require a blend of elite execution streak capacity and practical limit stockpiling. The Dell EMC Unity 380H has the following key features and characteristics:

Architecture that is both A hybrid storage system is created by combining conventional hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) in the Unity 380H. With SSDs offering faster access times and HDDs offering greater storage capacity, this architecture makes it possible to strike a balance between performance and capacity.

  • Scalability: The Unity 380H is built to expand with your storage requirements. It allows you to increase capacity or performance as needed by adding additional disk shelves or upgrading the drives that are already in place.
  • Every single Blaze Choice: While the Solidarity 380H is a cross breed stockpiling cluster, there are likewise all-streak designs accessible inside the Dell EMC Solidarity product offering. An all-flash model may be your best option if your environment demands higher performance and lower latency.
  • Information Decrease Innovations: To get the most out of its storage capacity, the Unity 380H incorporates a number of data reduction techniques like compression and deduplication. These features can save money by reducing the amount of physical storage needed.
  • Bound together Capacity: Unified storage is provided by the Dell EMC Unity 380H, which is compatible with both file-based (NAS) and block-based (SAN) access protocols. This flexibility permits you to merge various kinds of responsibilities and work on capacity the board.
  • Control and Evaluation: For managing and monitoring the Unity 380H, Dell EMC offers software tools like Dell EMC Unity Unisphere that provide a centralized interface for configuring, monitoring, and optimizing the storage system.
  • High Accessibility: The Unity 380H has features and components that are redundant to guarantee high availability. In addition to data replication for disaster recovery, it supports features like RAID protection, hot-swappable drives, power supplies, and cooling fans.