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Brand : Dell
Model : Unity 380F
Capacity : 6 x 1.92TB SSD
Min/Max Drives : 6/500
Max Raw Capacity: 2.4PBs
CPU per Array: 2 x Intel CPUs, 12 cores per Array, 1.7GHz
Memory per Array: 128GB
Warranty : 3Year

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For a variety of workloads, the Dell EMC Unity 380F is a hybrid storage array with high-performance storage capabilities. It is a component of the Dell EMC Unity product line, which provides unified storage solutions for organizations ranging in size from mid-sized to enterprise-level.

The Dell EMC Unity 380F has the following key features and characteristics:

Storage that Mixes A hybrid storage architecture is created by combining hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) in the Unity 380F. By utilizing the capacity of HDDs for less frequently accessed data and the speed of SSDs for frequently accessed data, this strategy enables businesses to strike a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Performance: The Unity 380F is made to provide storage capabilities with high performance. It provides high IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and low latency for demanding applications and workloads by combining flash and disk technologies.
  • Scalability: Because it is scalable, the Unity 380F lets businesses start with a smaller configuration and grow as their storage needs change. It upholds adding extra capacity walled in areas to build limit and execution.
  • Information Administrations: The Dell EMC Unity 380F includes a variety of data services to improve data protection and storage efficiency. Thin provisioning, data deduplication, data compression, snapshots, remote replication, and encryption are all examples of these services.
  • Integration and management: The Dell EMC Unity operating environment is used to manage the Unity 380F. It provides a single management interface for configuring and monitoring the storage system. For seamless integration into existing IT environments, it also integrates with ecosystem tools like VMware and other Dell EMC products.
  • Availability High: Redundancy and fault tolerance are built into the Unity 380F to guarantee high data availability. Dual controllers, redundant power supplies, and components that can be hot-swapped are just a few of the features it includes to keep data access continuous and minimize downtime.
  • Mobile data: Data mobility and migration between various storage tiers, including cloud storage, are supported by the Dell EMC Unity platform. Utilizing hybrid cloud or multi-cloud strategies and optimizing storage resources according to individual requirements is made possible by this.