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Brand : Dell
Form Factor/ Model : VxRail E660F
CPU : Intel 4316 2 3G 20C (112)
Max Memory : 4x32GB (“24),3xl
Ports : X710DP 10Gb SFP
Hard Disk :92TB SSD,1x400GBCache SSD (4/10)
Power Supply : 1100W PS
Warranty : 3yr

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Buy Dell VxRail E660F Hyperconverged Infrastructure System Online

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The Dell VxRail E660F is a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) system offered by Serverbazar. It is part of the VxRail product family, which combines compute, storage, and networking into a single, integrated platform.

Key Features of Dell VxRail E660F:

Hyperconverged Architecture: The VxRail E660F follows a hyperconverged architecture, where compute, storage, and networking resources are tightly integrated into a single appliance. This approach simplifies deployment, management, and scalability of the infrastructure.

Scalability: The VxRail E660F is designed to scale easily to meet the changing needs of your organization. It supports a modular approach, allowing you to add nodes to the cluster as your requirements grow. This flexibility enables you to start small and expand the infrastructure as needed.

Performance: The E660F model is optimized for performance-intensive workloads. It utilizes high-performance Dell PowerEdge servers and all-flash storage to deliver high throughput and low latency for demanding applications.

Management and Automation: The VxRail HCI system is integrated with VMware’s vSphere software-defined data center (SDDC) stack, which includes vCenter Server, vSAN, and vSphere Hypervisor. This integration simplifies management and provides a familiar VMware interface for administrators.

Data Protection: Dell VxRail E660F includes built-in data protection features such as replication, backup, and disaster recovery options. This ensures the availability and integrity of your data in case of hardware or software failures.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Integration: VxRail E660F can be integrated with Dell EMC’s Cloud Foundation, providing a path to extend your HCI environment to public or private clouds. This allows for hybrid cloud deployments and seamless integration with cloud services.

Support and Services: Dell provides comprehensive support and services for VxRail systems, including deployment assistance, maintenance, and ongoing support. This ensures that your infrastructure remains operational and optimized throughout its lifecycle.