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Brand : Dell
Model : PowerStore PS1000T
Chassis : 2U 21 x 2.5″ NVMe
Capacity : 6 x 192TB NVMe SSD
Warranty : 3Yr


GST @18% is applicable.


Dell EMC PowerStore PS1000T Storage Online

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Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and remote office/branch office settings are ideal for the Dell EMC PowerStore PS1000T storage system. It combines advanced data management features, scalability, and performance.

Here are a few critical elements of the Dell EMC PowerStore PS1000T:

  • Capacity Design: The PowerStore PS1000T uses a cutting edge, holder based engineering that gives spryness and adaptability. Dell EMC’s PowerStore Operating System (PowerStoreOS), which is optimized for NVMe and supports both block and file storage, is the engine that drives it.
  • Performance: The PS1000T is intended to convey elite execution stockpiling for requesting responsibilities. To achieve high throughput and low latency, it incorporates cutting-edge technologies like NVMe drives, end-to-end NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) connectivity, and hardware acceleration.
  • Scalability: Both performance and capacity can be scaled up with the PowerStore PS1000T. It allows for expansion by adding drive enclosures to meet rising storage requirements. It also lets you scale up and down, which lets you get more capacity and performance when you need it.
  • Management of data: In order to maximize storage efficiency and cut costs, the PowerStore PS1000T includes advanced data management features like inline data reduction (compression and deduplication). Additionally, it provides capabilities for thin provisioning, snapshots, and replication for disaster recovery and data protection.
  • Support for multiple protocols: The PS1000T is capable of seamlessly integrating into a variety of IT environments and supporting a variety of application workloads due to its support for both block (FC, iSCSI) and file (NFS, SMB) protocols.
  • Services for data: Data services like RAID protection, snapshots, replication, and encryption are offered by the PowerStore PS1000T. Data security, integrity, and availability are all improved by these features.
  • Control and Evaluation: PowerStore Manager, a centralized web-based user interface that provides a unified view of the storage infrastructure, is used to manage the PS1000T. It has simple monitoring, configuration, and provisioning management capabilities.
  • Integration of the Ecosystem: Dell EMC PowerStore coordinates with other Dell EMC stockpiling items and arrangements, like Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, VMware virtualization, and VMware vCenter. This makes it possible to integrate it seamlessly into existing IT environments and makes management and operation simpler.