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Processors: Intel Xeon single-socket processors
Model : 6 x 1.2TB SAS 10K
Drive Enclosure : 2.5″ (2U), 25 drives
2.5″ (3U), 80 drives
3.5″ (3U), 15 drives
Included Software : Dell EMC Unity XT Base Software
Unisphere Management
CloudIQ storage analytic
Remote Protection
Local Protection
Ecosystem Integration
Max FAST Cache : Up to 800 GBs
Max Raw Capacity : 2.4 PB
Memory per Array : 128 GB
Min/Max Drives : 6/500
Warranty : 3Yr


GST @18% is applicable.


Buy Dell EMC Unity XT 380 Hybrid Storage Online

The Dell EMC Unity XT 380 Hybrid Storage is a storage solution offered by Dell Technologies. It is part of the Unity XT series, which is designed to provide unified storage for block and file workloads.

Key Features of Dell EMC Unity XT 380:

Hybrid Storage: The Unity XT 380 combines flash drives and traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) to provide a balance of performance and capacity. This hybrid approach allows for fast access to frequently accessed data while maintaining lower-cost storage for less active data.

Scalability: The Unity XT 380 is designed to scale up and scale out as your storage needs grow. You can start with a smaller configuration and add capacity and performance as required, ensuring flexibility and investment protection.

Data Reduction Technologies: The system includes features such as deduplication and compression to optimize storage efficiency and reduce the overall storage footprint.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery: Dell EMC Unity XT 380 offers various data protection features, including snapshots, replication, and built-in backup to protect your data against accidental deletion, data corruption, or hardware failures. It also supports integration with leading backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Unified Management: The Unity XT 380 provides a single management interface, called Unisphere, which allows you to manage and monitor the storage system easily. It simplifies administrative tasks and provides a unified view of both block and file storage resources.

High Availability: The system is designed for high availability with features like redundant components, non-disruptive upgrades, and failover capabilities. These ensure that your data remains accessible even during hardware maintenance or component failures.

Advanced Data Services: Dell EMC Unity XT 380 includes advanced data services such as thin provisioning, data mobility, quality of service (QoS) controls, and encryption. These features enable efficient data management and help meet performance and security requirements.