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Maximum Throughput1 : Up to 9.0 TB/hr
Capacity : “12TB 8X10G SFP
Cyber Recovery Vault Enabled, 5TB Cloud Tier, 5TB Cloud DR, Replication, Reporting, Analytics, Search, tnstanr Access & Recovery, Application O
Maximum Logical Capacity1,2 : 4.8 PB
W/ Cloud Tier : 14.4 PB2
Maximum Usable Capacity : 8 to 96 TB3
Processor : Intel Xeon
Drive Type : SAS 12 TB
Dimensions : 17.09 x 28.17 x 3.42 (inches WDH)
434 x 715.5 x 86.8 (mm WDH)
Operating Temperature/Altitude : 10°C to 35°C, 35°C at 7,500 ft
Warranty : 3Yr ProSupport MC 24>:7


GST @18% is applicable.


Buy Dell EMC PowerProtect DP4400 Appliance Online

Dell Technologies provides a data protection solution in the form of the Dell EMC PowerProtect DP4400 Appliance. It is intended to help associations oversee and safeguard their basic information by giving reinforcement, recuperation, and replication abilities.

  • The PowerProtect DP4400 Appliance’s key features and components are as follows:
  • Architecture that Scales: The appliance has a scalable architecture that can keep up with the changing data protection requirements of SMBs and remote offices. It can store and protect a lot of data because it can handle up to 96 terabytes (TB) of usable capacity.
  • Integral Data Security: The DP4400 is a single appliance with integrated backup software, storage, and deduplication capabilities. In addition to instant access to virtual machines (VMs) for quick recoveries and industry-standard protection methods like incremental forever backups and variable-length deduplication, it also provides
  • Features suited for businesses: The appliance has features that are typical of solutions for data protection at the enterprise level. It gives progressed deduplication and pressure advances to improve capacity limit and decrease reinforcement times. It also offers automated testing for disaster recovery, ensuring that backup data can be recovered and giving businesses peace of mind.
  • Different Arrangement Choices: There are numerous deployment options available with the DP4400 Appliance. It is available as a virtual edition or a physical appliance, allowing businesses to select the most appropriate deployment method based on their infrastructure and requirements.
  • Software integration with Dell EMC PowerProtect: The Dell EMC PowerProtect Software that the DP4400 integrates with offers centralized management, monitoring, and reporting capabilities for a number of PowerProtect appliances located throughout the organization. The management of data protection is made simpler and administrative tasks are made easier by this integration.
  • Integrating the cloud: For long-term data retention and disaster recovery, the DP4400 Appliance supports cloud integration, enabling organizations to utilize public or private cloud environments. It works with leading public cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure as well as a variety of cloud providers like Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services.