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Maximum Throughput1 : Up to 4.2 TB/hr
Capacity : 8TB 2*10GBE SPF+ adapter
Logical Capacity with Cloud Tie : Up to 4.8PB
Maximum Usable Capacity : 4TB – 32TB
Operating Temperature/Altitude3 : 10°C to 35°C,
35°C at 3,117 ft
Usable Capacity with Cloud Tier : Up to 96TB
Dimensions : 16 HDDs: 73 lbs
Warranty : 3Yr ProSupport


GST @18% is applicable.


Buy Dell EMC PowerProtect DD3300 Online

The Dell EMC PowerProtect DD3300 is a data protection appliance designed to provide backup and recovery solutions for small to mid-sized organizations. It is part of the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD series, which offers scalable and efficient data protection for a wide range of environments.

  • Here are some key features and characteristics of the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD3300:
  • Deduplication Technology: The PowerProtect DD3300 utilizes inline deduplication technology, which helps reduce storage requirements by eliminating duplicate data. This allows for efficient data storage and optimized backup processes.
  • Scalability: The appliance is designed to scale up as your data protection needs grow. It offers flexible capacity expansion options, allowing you to add additional storage capacity as required.
  • Data Protection and Recovery: The PowerProtect DD3300 provides backup and recovery capabilities for a variety of workloads, including virtual machines, databases, file systems, and more. It supports various backup methods, such as full backups, incremental backups, and synthetic full backups.
  • High Performance: The appliance is engineered to deliver high-performance backup and recovery operations. It leverages Dell EMC’s Data Domain Boost technology to optimize backup and restore speeds, reducing the impact on production systems.
  • Integration and Compatibility: The PowerProtect DD3300 is compatible with leading backup and recovery software solutions, allowing for seamless integration into existing IT environments. It supports common protocols such as NFS, CIFS, and NDMP, making it compatible with a wide range of applications and systems.
  • Data Security: The PowerProtect DD3300 offers built-in data security features, including encryption of data at rest and in-flight. This ensures that your backup data remains protected from unauthorized access.
  • Management and Monitoring: The appliance includes management tools that provide centralized monitoring and reporting capabilities. These tools help administrators efficiently manage the backup environment and ensure data protection operations are running smoothly.