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Brand : HPE
Model : AK379A
Capacity : 1.08 PB (LTO-9) compressed 2.5:1
Warranty : 3Yr


GST @18% is applicable.


Buy HPE MSL2024 0-Drive Tape Library Online

The HPE MSL2024 is a tape library manufactured by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). It is designed to provide reliable backup, archive, and long-term storage for data. The “0-Drive” configuration indicates that the library does not come with any tape drives installed. It is a modular system that allows you to add tape drives as needed.

Here are some key features of the HPE MSL2024 0-Drive Tape Library:

Capacity: The library can accommodate up to 24 tape cartridges, offering a maximum native storage capacity of 144 terabytes (assuming LTO-8 tapes with a native capacity of 6TB).

Scalability: The MSL2024 is a scalable solution that allows you to start with zero tape drives and gradually add drives as your storage needs grow. It supports both half-height and full-height tape drives, including LTO-7 and LTO-8 drives.

Connectivity: The library supports various connectivity options, including SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and Fibre Channel. This allows you to connect the library to your server or storage infrastructure using the appropriate interface.

Management: The MSL2024 comes with an intuitive web-based management interface that allows you to easily configure and monitor the library. It also supports remote management capabilities, enabling you to manage the library from a central location.

Data Protection: The library provides data encryption capabilities, ensuring that your data is protected during storage and transportation. It supports the use of LTO encryption technology, allowing you to encrypt data at the tape level.

Media Compatibility: The MSL2024 is designed to work with Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tape technology. It supports various generations of LTO tapes, allowing you to choose the appropriate tape media based on your requirements.